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Plenty of Pencils and More at One Show (Final Cut)


This is primarily an archive of old, unpublished academic coursework to which I have returned, edited, or updated, at some point in time, in one way or another. You’ll also find the occasional first pass at newer pieces of writing. The works listed here are effectively drafts and should be treated as such (in other words, to quote one Professor Katia Vavova, “Cite and circulate if you will, but don’t hold me to them.”).

Just Passing Through: 
Race, (Outer)Space, and Invasive Whiteness in Robert Rodriguez’s Roadracers. December 2015, revised December 2016. (PDF)

The Paradox of the “Empowered Consumer.” February 2015. (PDF)

Propaganda, Patriotism, and American Sniper. January 2015. (PDF)