About Molly

I am a writer who focuses primarily on politics, film/new media, and the relationship between those fields. I grew up near the Rocky Mountains and am currently based in New York City, where I live somewhere between the ocean and a cemetery.

You can hire me to help you tell your stories – be it through words or motion picture. I’m particularly interested in writing and digital storytelling for nonprofits and other projects which seek to advance equity and justice for oppressed and underserved communities.

My personal writing projects currently include screenplay adaptations of late-17th to early-20th century literature; a pilot for a sci-fi television show; and essays about antiracism, feminism, the role of gender/race/class in popular culture.

Other ongoing creative projects: a documentary film about Sweet Auburn – a neighborhood in Atlanta, GA and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s childhood home – which is currently in the research and development phase, and a pair of socks that I’ve been trying to knit for the better part of two years.